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Customer Fishing Reports > Survivorman Meets the Business World
Survivorman Meets the Business World
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Sep 14, 2019
2:03 AM
In what could only be a terrifying dream, you find yourself in a parked vehicle on the side of a deserted road in what appears to be in the middle of nowhere. Not only do you immediately wonder how you got there, you begin to panic wondering how to get yourself out of this situation. As you check yourself over, you realize that you are unharmed, albeit a bit confused and disoriented. When the reality of your dire situation sinks in, you find yourself asking, "What would The Discovery Channel's Survivorman do in this situation?" Survivorman is always getting dropped in the middle of nowhere with just his keen intellect and some basic tools yet always manages to find a way to survive by staying cool, calm, and collected. Following the Survivorman lead, you calm yourself. It is time to figure out what you have, what you know, and which direction you should be heading.

Taking stock of those three elements, you realize that the only way to create forward motion is to take action, pick a direction, and use everything available to you to survive and reach your final destination. Within a matter of less than an hour, you have formulated a plan of action and you shove off in what seems to be the right direction. This is when your alarm clock goes off and you awake safely in your bed. As you smile at what seemed so real, your smile vanishes as you realize that today is the first day of your new job. Much like your dream, you find yourself feeling alone on the side of the road because your new job requires you to sell a product you know little about to anybody you can find to buy it. You have been given a stack of business cards, a stack of brochures, and a map of your new territory. You are, essentially, in the middle of nowhere not knowing where to begin, not knowing in which direction to head, and not knowing how to get to your final destination of business success. Your natural instinct is to believe that if you take the time to learn your product thoroughly, you'll have the education you need to be able to attack the marketplace with fresh ideas, new solutions, and keen intellect. Your natural instinct is to hunker down and formulate a solid plan for success. Now is the time to remember your dream.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2120409
Sep 14, 2019
2:06 AM
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Sep 24, 2019
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Mar 19, 2020
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Apr 04, 2020
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