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Massachusetts Boat Storage - Winterizing - Shrinkwrap

Store your boat with us at Crossroads Bait and Tackle.  Shrink Wrap for security and keeping the boat in mint condition. Winterize your engine against freezing.

Save fuel and time trailering by keeping your boat within 5 minutes from the water.  Summer Storage allows access to come and go.  Water and electricity included.

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Summer Storage May 15th - October 15 $17/ft.
Winter Storage October 15 - May 15 $17/ft.
Short Term Storage  1 Night $1/ft.
Short Term  By The Month 1 month = $7 per ft.


Rate for Shrink Wrap $ Priced for Length Overall of vessel

Size   Price Per Foot
0-22 ft.   $17/ft.
23-33 ft.    $18/ft.
34-50 ft.    $21/ft.
34-50 ft. (tall)   $23/ft.


Winterizing includes

- Add fuel stabilize to gas

- Lower Unit Gear Lube Drained and Replaced

- All critical points of lubrication greased

- Remove Prop and grease shaft

- Run and check engine performance

- Fog engine to protect internal components

- Treat entire engine with anti-corrosive spray

- Drain water from engine and replace with anti-freeze

- Oil change, including replacing oil filters

- Remove outdrive, grease U-Joints, gimbal bearings inspected and reinstalled. (Inboard and Stern Drives only)


Inboards Winterized:

4 Cylinder  - $295
6 Cylinder - $335
8 Cylinder  - $350



2 Stroke Outboards

4 Stroke Outboards

0-10HP $75

0-6HP $100

15-25HP $80

8-15HP $115

30-60HP $85

20-35HP $125

70-125HP $125

40-60HP $135

V-6 $155

70-90HP $155

V-8 $175

V-4 & Large Inline $195


V-6 $225


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