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Customer Fishing Reports > 5 Tips to Picking a Musical Instrument to Learn
5 Tips to Picking a Musical Instrument to Learn
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Sep 24, 2022
2:42 AM
So you're finally seriously considering learning to play a musical instrument! Congratulations! Maybe you have an old piano that you want to start playing or you like the sound of a guitar. To be able to play and share music is a beautiful thing to be able to do plus it's just fun! Here are 5 tips to put you on your way to learning to play a musical instrument. Well, technically it's only 5 tips, but there are tips within tips!

1. Have fun!

Learning to play an instrument is a great experience as well as, often, a challenge. Don't be scared! It's fun! It's really cool when you learn how to play your first song or you figure out how to play something on your own. Don't worry about starting an instrument for the first time! Be patient - learning to play an instrument or sing takes time. And, just think, you've (mostly likely) been listening to or at least hearing music all your life. Why not give it a shot? You don't have to have perfect pitch (that's when a person can hear a pitch and can tell you the name of the pitch) to be able to pick an instrument or sing (I certainly don't have it, but I know people who do - it seems to have it has its pros and cons; relative pitch is definitely valuable though). And don't worry about learning how to read music. I have a degree in music and have taught piano and bass and I think that learning how to read music is very valuable but not necessarily for everyone. Do what works for you! Don't let not knowing how to read music stop you from giving music a try!

2. How to Choose a Musical Instrument

There's a chance that you've thought about playing music, but don't know what instrument to play. Instrument choice can have some factors that you may want to consider but you should, of course, pick something that you like or find interesting. Maybe there's an instrument that you've always wanted to learn to play. Maybe you just want something to take along on camping trips. Or, best of all is if there is a type of music that you dig some much that you want to participate! Whatever the case, here a couple of thoughts to consider before you make your investment: And while we're on what's comfortable for you, the size of the instrument, your body size, the weight of the instrument and so on are things to consider.

Some instruments may be bigger, heavier, smaller or more fragile than you might think. Again a trip to your local music store for a closer look will do you good. - Do you want a portable instrument that can be easily transported? Do you mind if it requires electricity and/or batteries? What's your living space like? Can it accommodate the instrument of your choice - for example, it probably wouldn't go over well if you live in an apartment building and decide that you want to play drums.
Sep 24, 2022
2:52 AM
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Sep 24, 2022
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