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Crossroads Bait and Tackle Fish Report > I See the Mackeral
I See the Mackeral

Aug 29, 2009

Ive heard many complaints that anglers can chum up a thousand mackeral off the back of their boat but can't get them to bite. Here are three ways to pick up finicky macks, first off improve your presentation by using sabiki rigs tied with fluorocarbon instead of mono, secondly bait your sabiki's with a piece of clam or herring belly, and instead of using a diamond jig weight your sabiki with a good sandeel imitation like a deadly dick instead of the traditional diamond jig.

The Blues have shown up just outside the mouth of the Merrimack River but with all this rain we won't see many inside the river especially on an outgoing tide when all the freshwater is pushing down. The blues have been going crazy over the Gags-Grabbers Orange Bluefish Bombs early in the morning when they are up on the surface.

There are stripers in the Merrimack River however I saw water temperatures over 80 degrees this week, FIND COOLER WATERS. The Parker continues to produce because it is almost all Saltwater which is much colder. During the day try Emerson Rocks and at night fish the openings of the small creeks that are along the edges of the Parker. Cast and retrieve your eels for best results, the slow troll has been less effective. After this storm passes try using clams near any rock structure, the stripers feed on the clams as they smash against the rocks due to high surfs.

Tuna are out in full force and many of the fish got pushed in cause of the hurricanes from the warm water current. So run some baits that match the hatch for this area and some that the tuna saw while offshore since they just left bait like squid and ballyhoo. our charters hooked up this week on a rigged ballyhoo squirted, a Black Spreader bar with a glow grn stinger, and also a live mackeral. The ballyhoo and the bars imitate baits the tuna see out in the Gulf Stream and the live macks match the hatch for inshore fish. Some spinning guys are having a lot of success by actually casting live macks into busting tuna. All of our hookups were in the area of the Fist and Second Island just Southeast of Old Scantum.

Good Luck


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