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Crossroads Bait and Tackle Fish Report > Great White Shark??????
Great White Shark??????

Jul 23, 2010

There have been reports of a Carcharodon carcharias (aka. great white shark) around however there have also been some large Atlantic Sturgeon showing up around the river and they stopped their search for the beast. This may be a case of mistaken identity with all the talk on the cape about great whites and the boat sweet dreams catching one while tuna fishing hasn't helped the rumor. I'm not saying it wasn't but I think statistically speaking it probably wasn't. This is just the word and opinion from me and I havn't watched much on tv about it but I don't think anyone has positively identified this as a Great White.

Striper fishing offshore 2-3 miles out continued to be very successful however the action did die off a little bit while the river and Joppa picked back up for the night time fisherman. Harrison Stearns of Crossroads Bait and Tackle picked up 7 keepers last night dragging live eels around. Jim Moulten weighed in a 52lb striper at Crossroads Bait and Tackle this morning he caught on the flatts. Breaking Rock has been a tough spot to catch Mackeral and we have been doing better at the discharge pipes off of Hampton Harbor. Fresh Herrring has been working very well when bait is tough to find. The Bluefish have shown up and have even moved into the flatts but everyday is different so be prepared for stripers or blues.

Tuna are being spotted all over the place and we saw them surface 3 times yesterday 2 miles off the beach on our way to the discharge pipes. Thatchers has loaded with fish too. Beware of these inshore fish because for as many sitings as there have been the hookup ratio has been very low and the fish are surfacing for very short periods of time. This week Chris Graham was fishing our boat and lost a nice Tuna at the Curl off of a live mackeral he picked up at the Isle of Shoals.

Good Luck


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