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Crossroads Bait and Tackle Fish Report > whaleback/ longledge closure
whaleback/ longledge closure

Oct 24, 2010

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the fisheries management spam but I went to the meeting last
night and this whaleback closure thing is looking pretty ugly. We need
comment from a bunch of fisherman on the subject otherwise very bad
decisions are going to be made, simply due to a lack of sane input.
For whatever reason they are NOT following the model used in Mass Bay
(a short closure limited to cod).

It sounds like they've gotten alot of wacky input from somebody (ie
"Version 1" area I sent out previously was chosen so to follow LORAN
because that's what they were told recreational fisherman navigate
by!). They are leaning toward a COMPLETE BAN on fishing in the area,
possibly year round.

On Wednesday the Groundfish Committee is meeting and one item on the
agenda is finalizing something to vote on in November, which will
probably end up being a go/no-go vote for a closure of the spawning
area. Providing comment at this point will help prevent a decision to
completely close the area (to fishing for other species like Tuna,
Shark, and Mackerel), an overly long closure, or other unnecessary

See my post on the Noreast thread on this subject for full detail:

As soon as you can, please send comment to


- it can

be labeled something like "whaleback closure". Comments received by
Monday AM should make it to them before Wednesdays meeting, where they
will be most helpful. Just state your name, interest in the fishery,
where you are from, and give your 2 cents.

Please forward this to any interested parties you know.




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