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Gonna Be Early

Apr 3, 2012

Predictions for this upcoming saltwater fishing season are gonna be tough. We have had very few winter and spring seasons like we had this year. The Merrimac River and surrounding waters are warm. There is no cold water runnoffs from the snow melting, because there wasn't any. One thing is almost certain, If this warm weather continues it will be a very early season and may catch a few people by surprise. We have confirmed striped bass catches in the Cape Cod Canal, Quincy, Gloucester and some at the Lawrence Damn, however I think the ones at the damn were holdovers. A holdover is a striper that never left the river and hung around all winter. A holdover does not mean that the new batch of stripers are in or close. We have also heard of river herring runs starting early, this may make it tough up river towards the damn and haverhill. If the herring run is diminishing or over once the stripers get here they will filture down river into areas like Joppa Flats and the cow pastures early after they arrive. They won't stay up river if the bait has moved on. Be sure to take advantage of the early season fish, the warm water may make it very tough to catch big fish in the river later on. If the river is warm this early we will see bath like temperatures before the end of June.

The Tuna craze is greater than ever around here, and I think it has a lot to do with the great action they have seen in the Carolinas and the new show "Wicked Tuna". I am very impressed so far with this show. Not many people in this area, never mind the rest of the country are aware of the complexity involved in protecting a resource that migrates around the world. The same resource harvested by almost every coastal country in the world all with differing views and opinions on conservation. The show made multiple mentions about this in the first episode and I hope it opens up some peoples eyes.

I am at the shop 6 days a week right now and will be starting to stay open 7 days a week soon. I have all new Helly Hansen work and fishing apparrell coming in, along with Grunden's, Shimano apparrell and all the new Custom Crossroads T-Shirts. Custom Rod Orders are starting to roll in also, so now is the time to those done, it takes time to build a quality hand made rod so don't wait until the season.

Good Luck getting ready for the new Season
Mike "Crossroads Bait and Tackle"


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