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Labor Day Fishing

Aug 31, 2013

With only about a month left in most peoples season I have to say this has been one strange year for fishing. There has been sudden and drastic water temperature changes mixing things up completely practically overnight. We have also had some really strange encounters and stories, like false albacore at the mouth of the Merrimack River, black sea bass this far north, a marlin caught in the cape cod canal, more reports of sturgeon being hooked than ever, great white sightings and yesterday one fisherman reported seeing a swordfish in his chum slick. I have hesitated to report about certain things like the false albacore at the mouth because many of the stories have been inconsistent with each other however there is some truth mixed in for sure.

Within the last week and a half we have had 3 striped bass over 50inches reported in this area. One came out of the mouth on a live mackerel, another at night near the sailboats on Joppa and a third from an undisclosed location. During the day at the beginning of the outgoing tide the north Jetty has been hot, however later in the tide the stripers seem to be congregating in the middle just outside the mouth. Eeling on Joppa and up near boars head at night has been very productive. Like this entire season mackerel have been sporatic, very easy to find one day and vanishing the next. Breaking Rock only seems to be producing early in the morning for about 2hrs after first light then dying out, however we were able to get mack's all day straight out of the mouth in about 180ft of water. All large baits and no tinkers.

Haddock continue to be caught in huge numbers on Jeffrey's Ledge, and more specifically the curl, however most are short but if you fish through them you will get some keepers in the mix. There is a ton of pollock out there too. Not many cod.

Unfortunately this has been a pretty slow bluefin tuna season. On the bright side The fish that are being caught out on Jeffrey's have all been big and I have gotten some fresh reports of footballs off Halibut Point. The pinwheel caught one earlier this week out there. You will probably see a lot of blue sharks out there as well. Sharking is excellent right now with the most notable story was the crew from Fishy Bizness landing a thresher just 21lbs short of the state record.

Good Luck and get out on the water while the season is still here. We are having end of the season sales at Crossroads. This weekends sale item is the Shimano Thunnus 8000. Also I'd like to tell you that we will be one of the main sponsors in a Merrimack River shark tournament for next year. We are in the beginning phases of setting this up and more information will be available at a later date, as well as an email sign up for updates on the tournament.


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