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Crossroads Bait and Tackle Fish Report > Stripers Stay Strong Through July
Stripers Stay Strong Through July

Jul 17, 2019

The striper bite has stayed strong right through these hot days of July. There is still a lot of action up on Joppa Flats right off Woodbridge Island and the action surfcasting from The Salisbury Reservation and the beach front all the way up to Hampton has been hot. Temps in the Merrimack River have been pretty warm, however surprisingly you can still get some big fish to bite. Pogies are all over the place out on the beach front, North or South take your pick they are everywhere. The snag and drop technique is working with some success however the bait is everywhere and it can be extremely tough to find the stripers schooled up in any one area under the bait so a lot of people are snagging the pogies and bringing them to their favorite honey holes.

The warming water is starting to draw in some sharks. Grabbing a few fresh pogies on your way out will definitely increase your chance for something besides a big old blue dog. Chum heavy in the deep waters off the curl but it is still early as far as the shark season goes. While your out there the haddock fishing is still pretty good too. don't forget we added a ground fish category to this years Newburyport Shark and Tuna Tournament.

Mackerel are hit or miss at a few of the common spots. One day they are at Breaking Rock another they are out at speckled apron but the guarantee has been the Isle of Shoals, I know a long way to find Macks so many are using the pogies whether it is their bait of choice or not.

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